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Frequently Asked Questions

What are roofing tiles?

A roofing tile. A tile used to cover a roof which is made from a variety of different materials. Some roof tiles are made from ceramic, plastic, concrete or terracotta and as we evolve there will be many different materials used for this purpose.

What is poly ash siding?

Poly-Ash Trim. Our Poly-Ash trim nails are specifically designed for siding and trim materials made of poly-ash material. Slim, sturdy shank and special blunt point virtually eliminate splits. Checkered head helps to hold paint or stain. For jobs that will be left natural or treated with a clear or semi-transparent finish,...

What is ceramic flooring?

Ceramic is basically man-made stone, created by firing clay and other materials at high temperatures. Laminate flooring is particleboard topped with hardwood laminate to make it look like solid hardwood.

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