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Frequently Asked Questions

What can Boral truexterior siding be used for?

Designed to be used in non-load-bearing applications, Boral TruExterior ® Trim is suitable for ground contact and moisture- prone areas, which makes it ideal for exterior trim applications such as fascia, door trim, soffits, rake boards and a variety

What does truexterior siding and trim look like?

It has the versatility and toughness to stand up to extreme weather, ground contact and damage from bugs. TruExterior gives pros total freedom to create custom looks with authentic siding and trim profiles that can be cut, milled, glued, stained and painted to achieve outstanding curb appeal that homeowners can’t resist.

Who are the owners of Boral North America?

Boral North America. Boral North America brings a diverse array of premium brands under one banner to provide the highest quality architectural solutions and industry leadership in a variety of categories.

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