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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really an auction house in Boralus?

I'd wager it's simply a local auction house that is independent from the others we can use, thus it isn't useful to us. Was carrying some friends through a +6 and met this wonderful person!

Where is Boralus located in World of Warcraft?

It is located on a large strait within the central region of Tiragarde Sound. Boralus serves as the seat of House Proudmoore, and as a center of trade and military power for the entire nation. Standing as one of the largest ports on Azeroth, the city possesses its own unique personality.

Why is Boralus Bois always only for engineers?

They needed to squeeze the gold sink value out of long boi first. WHY IS IT ALWAYS ONLY FOR FUCKING ENGINEERS AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHHOAIENDLFLGOEJRBFLAKGI The only old content bliz gives a shit about keeping relevant is the org auction house apparently.

Is it safe to go to Boralus Harbor?

A safe port of call in unsafe waters, Boralus Harbor is, aside from Proudmoore Keep, the most heavily guarded part of the city. Merchants from all over Azeroth dock here to trade their goods. It is usually the only place most visitors ever get to see.

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