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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the pet vendors in Boralus Warcraft?

Dana Pull is an Alliance only pet vendor which can be found at 50.8 46.2 in Boralus. Dana Pull sells 2 pets: Greatwing Macaw Feather and Strange Looking Mechanical Squirrel. To unlock Greatwing Macaw Feather you have to complete the quest Rodrigo's Revenge.

Where can I find ranishu Runt battle pet?

The Ranishu Runt battle pet is only available to Horde players. To unlock Ranishu Runt you have to complete the following quests: Meet the Goldtusk Gang, Ruins-Level Marketing and Ranishu Are Resources. Olly is a Horde secret pet battle vendor which can be unlocked by completing the mission provided by the item: A Shady Message.

Where is the pet vendor in dazar Alor?

Happy Holaua is a pet vendor which can be found at 56 32.4 in Dazar'alor. Happy Holaua sells 7 pets, 2 toys and Interdimensional Pet Portal. To unlock Child of Jani you have to complete the Get Hek'd achievement. To unlock Lil' Ben'fon you have to complete the quests offered by Cala Cruzpot.

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