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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Boralus located in World of Warcraft?

It is located on a large strait within the central region of Tiragarde Sound. Boralus serves as the seat of House Proudmoore, and as a center of trade and military power for the entire nation. Standing as one of the largest ports on Azeroth, the city possesses its own unique personality.

Where is Boralus Harbor in Kul Tiras?

Boralus Harbor is one of the core districts of Boralus, the capital city of Kul Tiras. Aside from Proudmoore Keep, it is the most heavily guarded part of the city and the only place most visitors ever get to see. Its main area is the Tradewinds Market .

Where is the auction house in Boralus battle for Azeroth?

Boralus is the central Alliance player hub in Battle for Azeroth and the capital city for the nation of Kul Tiras. Boralus is a sprawling city, so there must be an auction house somewhere around, right?

Can a low level Horde character explore Boralus?

So you’ve seen in previous posts that Boralus is accessible to low level Alliance characters (spoilers: you can take the boat from Stormwind at any level), and can even explore some locales outside of Boralus. But what about low level Horde characters? Can they explore Boralus? The answer is: yes, as long as you don’t mind dying a lot.

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