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Frequently Asked Questions

What does born on the Bayou mean?

Born on the Bayou. "Born on the Bayou" was vaguely like "Porterville," about a mythical childhood and a heat-filled time, the Fourth of July. I put it in the swamp where, of course, I had never lived. It was late as I was writing. I was trying to be a pure writer, no guitar in hand, visualizing and looking at the bare walls of my apartment.

Who wrote the song born on the Bayou?

"Born on the Bayou" (1969) is the first track on Creedence Clearwater Revival's second album, Bayou Country, released in 1969. It was released as the B-side of the single "Proud Mary" that reached #2 on the Billboard charts. Songwriter John Fogerty set the song in the South, despite neither having lived nor widely traveled there.

Is a bayou a biome?

The Bayou biome is very flat, like all swamp-like biomes. The sky has a light grayish green color. The Bayou can be divided into two parts: water and land. The ground of the land part is made of dirt and is covered by Grass, Mud, and few Mushrooms.

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