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Frequently Asked Questions

What is borrowell and how does it work?

The other major service offered by Borrowell is personalized credit card and loan recommendations. They deal with over 50 lenders to bring you offers based on your credit score. Generally speaking, the better your score, the more attractive the interest rates you’ll be offered.

What credit report do I get with borrowell?

The free credit report you get is also your full Equifax credit report. Credit Monitoring: Borrowell updates your credit score and report on a weekly basis, so you can easily monitor your credit profile for any errors or fraudulent activity.

Is borrowell a good service?

Excellent service. Recommend to understand your finance and banking accounts, debt control, loan utilization to build a good credit score for lending purpose. How Does Borrowell Work? Sign up in just 3 minutes for free access to your Equifax credit score and report, which we update every single week.

How many borrowell members are there?

Over 1 million happy Borrowell members. Borrowell is proudly Canadian and was first to offer free credit scores in Canada. As Canada's leading credit education company we offer more than just free credit scores! Free weekly credit score and report monitoring. Bank level security with 256-bit encryption.

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