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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the rating of la Boucherie in La?

My review is leaning more towards 3.5 stars. La Boucherie is located on the 71st floor of the Intercontinental. They do have parking with validation for $11. Views overlooking LA is spectacular. We were lucky enough to get a window table.

Where did the tradition of Boucherie come from?

When Southern Louisiana was still new, the tradition of a Boucherie must have been as ritual to the first Cajun peoples as Mardi Gras and Jazz fest are to us now.

Which is the correct English translation of Boucherie?

'boucherie' in Other Languages. British English: butcher /ˈbʊtʃəz/ NOUN. shop A butcher or a butcher's is a shop where meat is sold. American English: butcher shop. Arabic: مَحَلّ الـجِزارَة. Brazilian Portuguese: açougue. Chinese: 肉店. Croatian: mesnica.

Where is la Boucherie on the Intercontinental Hoel?

Located on the 72nd floor of the Intercontinental Hoel, La Boucherie offers a great dinning experience with a staff of truly professional waiters/waitresses who fulfill any reasonable need you may have! If possible reserve a window seat which enhances your entire experience.

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