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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of restaurant is la Boucherie in Los Angeles?

La Boucherie is an elegant American steakhouse with a French twist, featuring discreet, intimate private dining and private Starlight Booths with floor-to-ceiling privacy screens that offer panoramic views of the L.A. skyline to accommodate discerning guests.

Is there a boucherie in the West Village?

"BOUCHERIE is a traditional French brasserie and steakhouse, celebrating Joie de Vivre in the heart of West Village. The restaurant prepares a menu of French classics and timeless bistro favorites, in addition to the dry-aged steaks. An absinthe-inspired bar offers classic…"

Who are the importers of la Boucherie meats?

Launched by JP Imports, La Boucherie offers the perfect balance between convenience, exquisite food, and value for money. Renowned importers of fine quality meats, JP Imports are suppliers to multiple leading restaurants across the Maltese Islands.

Where did the tradition of Boucherie come from?

When southern Louisiana was still new, the tradition of a Boucherie must have been as ritual to the first Cajun peoples as Mardi Gras and Jazz fest are to us now.

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