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What was the number one movie in 1984?

This is a list of films which have placed number one at the weekend box office in the United States during 1984 . Terms of Endearment reclaimed #1 in sixth weekend of release. Silkwood reached #1 in its seventh weekend of release. Terms of Endearment reclaimed #1 in its eleventh weekend of release.

What was the box office for Wonder Woman 1984?

Warner Bros. blockbuster “Wonder Woman 1984” topped the domestic box office for the third weekend in a row, but ticket sales fell off dramatically amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What was the box office for the movie tenet?

Late last summer, Nolan’s own big-budget spy thriller “Tenet, ” which was released by Warner Bros. in theaters during the pandemic, wound up grossing a disappointing $58 million domestically, and $305 million, internationally. For many studios, it became a cautionary tale, showing the fragility of the box office during COVID.

What's the biggest box office weekend of all time?

Ghostbusters set another record for Columbia Pictures' biggest weekend of all-time. Ghostbusters reclaimed #1 in ninth weekend of release. Ghostbusters reclaimed #1 in its fifteenth weekend of release. Oh, God! You Devil Missing in Action reclaimed #1 in its third weekend of release.

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