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Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with your BOXABL Los Angeles Adu?

Boxabl has created an affordable way to fulfill both of those growing demands upon residents, homeowners and first time home buyers buying land. WHAT COMES WITH YOUR ADU UPON 24 HOUR SETUP AT YOUR LOCATION?

How is BOXABL a solution to the shipping problem?

We selected all new building materials compatible with automation and factory mass production. A solution to the shipping problem for large buildings.

How much money can you put in BOXABL?

Offering Summary Company BOXABL INC. Corporate Address 6120 N. Hollywood Blvd. #104, Las Vegas, ... Offering Minimum $9,999.64 Offering Maximum $3,929,999.81 Minimum Investment Amount (per investor) $499.84

What do you need to know about BOXABL tiny home?

Boxabl tiny home module. As a studio, the main living space is all open. Boxabl tiny home module. A built-in divider and TV stand provides some separation between the sleeping and living room areas. Boxabl tiny home module.

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