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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you use the word box out?

1. To create or outline the borders of some square or rectangular area. A noun or pronoun can be used between "box" and "out." We'll need to box out an area in the back yard for the new vegetable patch. 2. In basketball, to position and maneuver oneself between the basket and an opposing player so as to intercept a rebound following a shot.

What does boxed mean in Urban Dictionary Dictionary?

Steve: she opened your snapchat and didn't respond to you? Get a Boxed mug for your guy James. A buzz word being used to refer to creators and influencers forming or encouraging unhealthy relationships with their fans.

What does it mean to box out in basketball?

Boxing out in basketball is a technique used by a player to position himself to best get a rebound after a shot has been missed. It is so effective that a shorter player can out rebound a taller player.

When do you use the word box out in hockey?

In hockey, to position and maneuver oneself in such a way as to prevent an opposing player from gaining a clear shot on net. A noun or pronoun can be used between "box" and "out." During a power play, when you're down a player, you have to be able to box out the other team.

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