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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a boxer dog a good pet?

The Boxer is a breed of dog. With good care, a Boxer can be an ideal pet and companion. Boxers are good guard dogs. They are strong and like to run in open spaces. They can have a coat in various colors, such as fawn, brindle, fawn-brindle mix, white, white-fawn mix, and brindle-white mix.

What are the bad things about boxer dogs?

Constipation in Boxers. Constipation can cause very bad gas in dogs, especially Boxers. The excessive straining added to the food that is rotting inside of the intestine can cause flatulence, and a lot of it. This is a common cause of gas in Boxers.

How many puppies do boxers usually have?

A boxer dog has from 8 to 11 puppies in their first litter depending on how well they are feeding them and how healthy they are.

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