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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about boxes Py?

Boxes․py is an Inkscape plug-in Boxes․py is library to write your own Boxes․py is free software licensed under GPL v3+ Boxes․py is written in Python 3 Boxes․py comes with a growing set of ready-to-use, fully parametrizedgenerators.

What are the color conventions for

For now does not allow hiding some settings. The generated files uses the following color conventions: Normaly you will cut things in the order: Green, Blue, Black. If other colors are present, the meaning should hopefully be obvious.

Are there any parametrized generators in

Failed to load latest commit information. comes with a growing set of ready-to-use, fully parametrized generators. See for the full list.

How big is a PY Festi game box?

Rack19HalfWidth - Half width 19inch rack unit for musical equipment. TwoPiece - A two piece box where top slips over the bottom half to form the enclosure. AgricolaInsert - Agricola Revised Edition game box insert, including some expansions. Atreus21 - Generator for a split atreus keyboard.

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