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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there going to be any boxing in 2021?

Boxing continues to roll on in 2021. After a rough 2020 that saw many stars either not compete or compete just once, the new year has seen a handful of fighters already seen ring time with big success.

Who is the boxing coach on Real Housewives of New York?

On the September 15 episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, a Real Housewives of New York City heavyweight tended bar. Pouring drinks was none other than Martin Snow, the boxing coach who's appeared on RHONY as a fitness trainer for Leah McSweeney, Tinsley Mortimer, and Sonja Morgan.

Is it true that boxing promoters ruin lives?

Triller is hardly alone. Boxing has a long history of promoters and managers who have sacrificed fighters for the better good of their wallets. They’ve ruined careers, and they’ve ruined lives in a sport so fraught with danger that any punch can be your last.

Can a boxer win round one of a fight?

“You can win round one,” he said, “and if you're sitting in the corner thinking about how good you fought round one, you're going to get your butt kicked in round two.”

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