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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the holding company for Brambles Limited?

Number of employees. Brambles Limited is the ultimate holding company of the Brambles Group (Brambles) and is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. Brambles is a group specializing in the pooling of unit-load equipment and associated services. The company focuses on the outsourced management of pallets, crates and containers.

What do you have to do to work at Brambles?

At the Brambles you had to work with handi-capped individual's. You had to take care of their needs, as well as build relationships with them. You also had to clean, and write notes to make sure they were submitted on time. Was this review helpful?

What kind of company is brambles pooling solutions?

Brambles is a pooling solutions company specialising in the provision of reusable pallets, crates and containers and associated logistics services through the CHEP and IFCO brands.

What's the price of a share in brambles?

Brambles shares gained 30 per cent from $9.98 on January 2 to $13 in mid-August, only to slump again on a poor outlook for 2019-2020 when the group unveiled its full-year results. It now finds itself stuck just above the $11 mark. UBS analyst Matt Ryan thinks the gains for Brambles over the next year are likely to be minimal.

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