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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the actors in the movie Breaker?

Breaker! is a 1977 American action film directed by Don Hulette and starring Chuck Norris. J.D. ( Chuck Norris ), a trucker from California, returns from the road to learn that an old friend was assaulted and paralyzed by Sergeant Strode (Don Gentry), a policeman in Texas City, California.

Is the movie Breaker Morant based on a true story?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Breaker Morant is a 1980 Australian war drama film directed by Bruce Beresford, who co-wrote the screenplay based on Kenneth G. Ross 's 1978 play of the same name.

When did the movie Breaker lever come out?

Breaker! lever to showcase random scenes from Walker, Texas Ranger. The film was a subject of good-natured ridicule in a March 21, 2013 video-on-demand release by Rifftrax. ^ a b cBROESKE, P. H. (May 19, 1985).

What was the movie Breaker Morant nominated for?

It was also nominated for the 1980 Academy Award for the Best Writing (Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium) . Breaker Morant remains the movie with which Beresford is most identified and has "hoisted the images of the accused officers to the level of Australian icons and martyrs".

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