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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do in the escape room in codebreakers?

CodeBreakers has launched immersive multiplayer VR Escape rooms using the latest technology. Choose from 1 of 8 unique adventures: escape from prison, explore Wonderland with Alice, travel back to Chernobyl, save a futuristic world from annihilation or choose one of the other great experiences.

Are there any escape rooms on the Internet?

Online escape rooms have become more and more popular during these crazy times. The online or virtual escape rooms usually run through a video conferencing platform where your team solves different puzzles and finds hidden clues to “escape the room.” The virtual escape rooms create a mysterious and dynamic story-line for each “room.”

How many people can play an escape room?

Detailed Definition: What is an escape room? Short version: It is an hour of entertainment in a themed room, where 4-10 other players become a team and work together to uncover clues, solve mental puzzles and find your way out of the room. How many people can play?

What makes a good escape room for work?

Escape rooms work best when everyone is working and communicating effectively with each other. Listen to everyone's ideas, even if they seem out there. Encourage everyone to brainstorm solutions to solve the puzzle. The more you keep open communication lines with your team, the faster you can get out of that "room".

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