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Frequently Asked Questions

How to play bridge by Bridge Base Online?

Click Play Now to connect to MSN Games Bridge by Bridge Base Online. Once you're there either set up an account (if this is your first visit) or simply log-in to access your account. Choose whether to find a game on your own, or to get help finding a table. You can view all tables to see where players might be needed.

When did Bridge Base Online start for free?

Bridge Base Online (BBO) is a website, owned by Bridge Base Inc and launched on April 23, 2001, offering free online multiplayer bridge play, and has since become synonymous with the company itself. Since anyone can register and play for free, it is common to find thousands of players.

Who are the founders of Bridge Base Inc?

Bridge Base Incorporated was a company founded in 1990 by Fred Gitelman, president, and Sheri Winestock, vice-president, and based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What was the first product of Bridge Base?

Although its first two products, BASE II (1990) and BASE III (1991), were analytical tools designed for serious students of bridge, it was most famous for offering free online contract bridge through its website Bridge Base Online (BBO). As of October 2007

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