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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact career services at Bridgewater State University?

If you have concerns about what an employers is asking you about and information they are requesting (bank information, personally identifying information, etc.), we recommend contacting Career Services at: 508-531-1328 prior to doing so.

What do you need to know about Bridgewater State University?

BSU offers a wide variety of courses instructed by high-quality faculty members: focus on a particular subject or class or to fulfill a core or general education requirement. Meeting the needs of all students, one student at a time, is what Bridgewater State University is all about.

Where can I find a job at BSU?

Handshake is BSU’s job and internship database offering connections with organizations regionally and nationally. You can find part-time, full-time/nondegree, summer, temporary roles, full-time, degree required jobs as well as internships all in one location.

What did Kevin Rydia do at Bridgewater State University?

Kevin wants to apply what he's learning at BSU to aid people in Ghana and attend the 2019 Future Public Health Leaders Program at the University of Michigan. Rydia worked with Professor Martina Arndt to create a program that will enable scientists to better analyze solar eclipse images.

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