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Frequently Asked Questions

How many degrees does Bridgewater State University offer?

At Bridgewater State University, we offer 52 undergraduate and 43 graduate programs that will open your eyes and expand your world view in ways you may not anticipate. With classes that are small in size and taught by professors, not teaching assistants, there is an individual focus on education and growth.

When is Banner 9 coming to Bridgewater State University?

Banner 9, coming in April 2021, brings updates and improvements to the infobear registration process. BSU to freeze tuition and fees for the second year in a row. Reserve your space on campus. Congratulations to students on the spring dean's list.

What did Kevin Rydia do at Bridgewater State University?

Kevin wants to apply what he's learning at BSU to aid people in Ghana and attend the 2019 Future Public Health Leaders Program at the University of Michigan. Rydia worked with Professor Martina Arndt to create a program that will enable scientists to better analyze solar eclipse images.

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