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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Bridgewater State University become a university?

It became a university and took on its present name in 2010. During its history, it has also been known as Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater Teachers College, Bridgewater State Teachers College, and State Teachers College at Bridgewater.

What are the colors of Bridgewater State University?

BSU's sports teams are called the Bears. School colors are crimson, white, and black. Bridgewater State University was founded by Horace Mann as a normal school named Bridgewater Normal School. It opened on September 9, 1840, making it the oldest permanently-located institution of public higher education in Massachusetts.

What kind of Sports does Bridgewater State University play?

Athletics. Bridgewater State University student athletes compete at the NCAA Division III Level and are members of ECAC, MASCAC, and the Little East. The intercollegiate athletic program offers 21 varsity teams, including Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming and diving, Tennis, Track and field, Baseball, Football,...

Where was the Normal School in Bridgewater located?

The normal school opened in the basement of the Old Bridgewater Town Hall, in a 40-foot by 50-foot space, divided into three rooms: an ante-room for students, an apparatus room, and a classroom. The first class consisted of 21 women and seven men.

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