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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Brighton jewelry have a guarantee?

Brighton jewelry, watches, and handbags all have a manufacturer's warranty. If your piece is damaged due to a manufacturer's defect, Brighton will repair the item for you under their Brighton Warranty. This guarantee does not ensure repairs on damages due to negligence or normal wear and tear.

Does Brighton jewelry have outlets?

Brighton jewelry is built on attention to detail. In-house designers sketch their creations by hand and follow the concept from start to finish, an idea that is almost unheard of. While Brighton does not have an outlet that sells nothing but jewelry, they do have a few brand outlets that allows you to get their jewelry - and other items - significantly below retail prices.

How big is Brighton?

Brighton is located at 39°2′22″N 90°8′23″W / 39.03944°N 90.13972°W / 39.03944; -90.13972 (39.039357, -90.139645). According to the 2010 census, Brighton has a total area of 1.909 square miles (4.94 km 2), of which 1.87 square miles (4.84 km 2) (or 97.96%) is land and 0.039 square miles (0.10 km 2) (or 2.04%) is water.

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