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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any private art galleries in Brisbane?

Yet there is much more to Brisbane’s art life than these two with the smaller but significant UQ Art Museum and QUT Art Museum as well as a thriving private gallery scene across a myriad of locations. Do you know where this is? See if you can spot this beautifully hand-crafted, teensie timber doorway on your next visit to the Queensland Art Gallery

Who are some of the artists in Brisbane?

Formerly Muk Muk Fine Art, the converted industrial space is an exciting venue in the Brisbane art scene. The annual exhibition calendar presents a range of high-calibre art from artists including George Gittoes, Jeff Makin, Joel Rhea, Geoff Todd, Bernard Ollis and Margaret Loy Pula.

Where are the art galleries in Gatton Brisbane?

Featured within the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre at Lake Apex, Gatton, the art gallery provides an exhibition space for local and visiting artists, with displays changing each month. Established in 1995, the Logan Art Gallery celebrates the diverse practices of visual artists, craft workers and designers.

When did the Artisan Gallery in Brisbane Open?

Originally established in Singapore, REDSEA Gallery opened in Brisbane in 2008 and inspires visitors to discover unique international contemporary art. Artisan presents, promotes and celebrates excellence in craftsmanship and design.

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