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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you like about living in Brisbane?

What do you like about Brisbane? It’s a lovely city with so much to see and do. The weather is fantastic, and it is close to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast for weekends away. 8. Are there any bad things about Brisbane?

How many people live in Brisbane, Australia?

It has a population of around two million people who enjoy a relaxed lifestyle in a beautiful, spacious city. Like most Australian cities, the majority of people live in detached houses with gardens.

Which is the best city to live in Australia?

Brisbane, Australia’s third most populous city and the capital of Queensland, has a sub-tropical climate with pleasant average temperatures all year round. Is Brisbane a good place to live as an expat?

Why is Brisbane a good place to study?

Brisbane is the bustling capital of Australia’s Sunshine State, Queensland. If you’ve ever wanted to study in Brisbane as an international student, here are ten reasons to choose ‘Brissy’. 1. Brisbane is full of life. In Brisbane, every day is like a celebration. The city is packed to the brim with vibrant shopping arcades, bustling bars, ...

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