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Frequently Asked Questions

Do most people in Australia live in the Outback?

Most people living in Australia live on the coastline, leaving the Outback sparsely populated, but it is home to a large variety of animals, plants and natural features.

What to pack for Australian outback?

REMEMBER: If you’re coming to the outback between May and September, you NEED TO PACK: long pants, track suit pants, a fleece, thermals, beanie and long-sleeved t-shirts. We frequently get below zero (-1C through to -3C, and occasionally -5C or -6C) temperatures in winter – especially in central Australia.

What is the weather like in the outback of Australia?

Using this information, you can make some generalisations about outback climate and weather: Outback summers are hot . Winter is mild and even freezing in places in the outback. Rainfall is low and often follows the summer monsoon in the tropical north of Australia.

How is the Australian outback unique?

Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth; this climate and our unique geology has given us The Outback. From mulga scrub to gibber plains and wattle studded sand dunes, all of the remote desert areas of Australia are known collectively as The Outback.

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