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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the radar sites in New South Wales?

Select a radar view below to see its image (or use the Radar locations map ). Click "64 km", "128 km", "256 km" or "512 km" to see the latest 30 minutes of looping imagery.

Where can I see Doppler radar in Brisbane?

This site provides good low-level coverage, ideal for Doppler observations, of the Greater Brisbane area. The Great Dividing Range to the west and the Lamington Plateau to the south, reduce the radar's view from the south through to the west, affecting its ability to detect weak rainfall from low clouds beyond these obstructions.

When is strong wind warning in Brisbane Australia?

Strong Wind Warning from TUE 5:00 AM AEST until WED 12:00 AM AEST ... See all 3 alerts Want the full picture of a weather event? Our Specialty Maps bring together a variety of conditions into one easy-to-view map.

How do you find the location of the radar?

Distance and latitude/longitude coordinates are displayed when you mouse over the map. The origin for distance measuring is indicated by a red dot and defaults to either your location, if specified and in range, or the location of the radar/the centre of the map.

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