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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Brisbane box tree look like?

Evergreen; upright, oval form; moderate canopy. Green, glossy, oval leaves 4-6" long. New growth has a slight red tinge. Small, white, distinctive, but not showy flowers in clusters 2-4" across, bloom July-August. Hard, brown seed capsules form in fall and persist on tree. Mottled, shredding, light brown or reddish bark.

Is the Brisbane box tree in Los Angeles a problem?

Not bothered by insects or diseases, but chlorosis can be a problem in the Los Angeles area. Pinch and prune to get more twiggy growth. Great street or patio tree. Can be pruned into canopy, or allowed to grow upright. This tree only needs light shaping—great replacement for Eucalyptus. Please visit us or call 626-337-4818 for current availability.

When to cut back a Brisbane box tree?

Once roots have est ablished themselves in the landscape (this takes about 6 months for each inch of trunk diameter) irrigation can be cut back. Most trees are grown with several trunks originating close to the ground. This form shows off the bark well. Branches are mostly upright and do not droop to get in the way of traffic.

How tall does an Australian UFEI tree grow?

Smog tolerant. May be a larger tree in warmer areas. Native range: Australia Tree shape: Rounded Foliage type: Evergreen Maximum tree height: 50 feet Canopy width: 10-30 feet Growth rate: ~24-36 in/year Leaf arrangement and form: Alternate/Whorled, Simple Leaf/leaflet shape: Ovate Leaf color: Green Flowers: Showy, Flower color: White.

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