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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is playing for Brisbane Broncos this season?

Two clubs are fighting for Sharks prop Aaron Woods - and could even get him for the remainder of this season. The Brisbane Broncos have seen a number of young stars walk out the doors recently, but Payne Haas won't join them. The Brisbane Broncos have re-signed halfback Tyson Gamble, extending his contract for another two years.

When was the Brisbane Broncos rugby league team founded?

The Brisbane Broncos NRL team, based in Brisbane, Queensland was founded in 1988 compete in Australasia's elite National Rugby League competition.

How many NRL Premierships have Brisbane Broncos won?

Founded in April 1988, the Broncos play in Australia's elite competition, the National Rugby League (NRL) premiership. They have won six premierships, including two NSWRL titles, a Super League premiership and three NRL premierships. They also have two World Club Challenges.

What's the average attendance for the Brisbane Broncos?

Along with financial competitiveness, the Broncos have been voted one of Australia's most popular and most watched football teams, and has one of the highest average attendances of any rugby league club in the world; 33,337 in the 2012 NRL season .

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