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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the colors of the Brisbane Broncos?

The Brisbane Broncos Logo Colors with Hex & RGB Codes has 2 colors which are Imperial Purple (#760036) and Deep Lemon (#FABF16).

How did the Brisbane Broncos get their licence?

After tough competition between the various syndicates for the Brisbane licence, the Queensland Rugby League chose the bid of former Brisbane Rugby League (BRL) players, Barry Maranta and Paul "Porky" Morgan. At the first meeting with the NSWRL hierarchy, the newly formed Brisbane Broncos were asked to pay a $500,000 fee.

Where are the Brisbane Broncos rugby league club located?

The Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club Ltd., commonly referred to as the Brisbane Broncos or colloquially as Red Hill, are an Australian professional rugby league football club based in the city of Brisbane, the capital of the state of Queensland.

Where do the Brisbane Broncos play their home games?

The Broncos are based in the Brisbane suburb of Red Hill where their training ground and Leagues club are located, but they play their home games at Milton's Lang Park. It is the only publicly listed sporting club on the Australian Securities Exchange, trading as Brisbane Broncos Limited (ASX: BBL).

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