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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is not playing for the Brisbane Broncos?

The Cowboys will be without star fullback Valentine Holmes, while Titans coach Justin Holbrook is expecting his Origin trio to back up just 48 hours after their Origin win. NRL Late Mail >>>

Who are the new Brisbane Broncos signings for 2022?

In a like for like replacement for Xavier Coates, the Broncos have signed Storm and Maroons winger Brenko Lee on a 2 year deal starting in 2022. Lee, who can play wing or... Premiership-winning halfback Adam Reynolds will join the Brisbane Broncos from 2022 onwards.

When do the Brisbane Broncos bring back Bennett?

Bring back Bennett! 2020 Broncos Jersey and Sponsorship discussion. Kieran Foran .......should we? … You must log in or register to post here. Forgot your password?

What was the average points per game for Brisbane Broncos?

The season's only draw was played out between the Broncos and Warriors at Suncorp Stadium in round 18. Brisbane averaged 20.2 points for and 17.8 against as the home side.

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