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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Brisbane Broncos do for the community?

The Brisbane Broncos Rugby League Football Club is committed to supporting Rugby League at junior, senior and schoolboy levels since its inception, visiting over 50,000 children and working with over 2,000 community based coaches annually.

When did Brisbane Broncos start playing rugby league?

The Brisbane Broncos have enjoyed the support of passionate rugby league supporters from right across Queensland since 1988, with many of our current members, players and staff having grown up in these towns. As a way of giving back to these regions that have supported us for so long, the Broncos conduct over 20 regional tours annually.

Who is the official mascot of the Brisbane Broncos?

In the end, a horse named Buck the Bronco was made the official mascot, and you'll find him on all your favourite Broncos merch. If you're the biggest Broncos fan, then make sure everyone knows it, with the best in Broncos Merchandise from The Stubby Club.

How many times have Brisbane Broncos been defeated in Grand Finals?

Until 2015, Brisbane had never been defeated in a grand final, and since 1991, have only failed to qualify for the finals three times. They are one of the most successful clubs in the National Rugby League since it began in 1998, winning three premierships (second only to the Sydney Roosters' four).

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