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Frequently Asked Questions

What does planning do in the city of Brisbane?

We provide the City Council, Planning Commission, and community with guidance and implementation of land use projects and policies, including new development or redevelopment, transportation, and housing and environmental programs in order to maintain and enhance the City’s safety, vitality, and charm.

Who is Zoning Administrator for city of Brisbane?

The Zoning Administrator is another decision making body that hears and decides certain planning applications whose function is carried out by the Planning Director. Agendas, reports, and minutes of Planning Commission and Zoning Administrator meetings may be viewed o nline at .

Where can I view Brisbane City Hall plans?

For more detailed site information, the City's files may be reviewed at the Building & Planning Counter, at City Hall, 50 Park Place. Brisbane City Hall has re-opened for walk-in service Monday through Friday!

Who are the decision making bodies in Brisbane?

We are here to answer all your questions regarding zoning for a property, the General Plan, Planning Commission, or anything else related to planning in Brisbane. Decision-Making Bodies: The Planning Commission is appointed by, and serves as an advisory body to, the City Council on planning and development issues.

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