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Frequently Asked Questions

How many covid-19 cases are there in Queensland?

There are now 78 active cases of COVID-19 in Queensland hospitals. "Now, of course, we want to get on top of this community transmission, so the steps that we took to go into this lockdown, as you can see by those numbers of community transmission today, was absolutely the right call," she said.

How long is quarantine for covid-19 in Queensland?

Queensland has current contact tracing alerts and related public health advice for people who have been in: Anyone who has been to an interstate exposure site must complete 14 days quarantine, even if you receive a negative test since you were at the location. It can take 14 days before you develop symptoms or test positive to COVID-19.

What do we know about the Brisbane Lockdown?

Here's what we know about Brisbane's three-day lockdown. The nurse, who wasn't vaccinated, is the second public hospital frontline health care worker to contract the virus this month after the doctor. "The good news is, these cases are linked and we now believe there are two distinct clusters," Ms Palsaszczuk said.

Who was attacked with electric chainsaw in Brisbane?

A man has been attacked with an electric chainsaw and another bitten several times following an argument stemming from a loud party in Queensland. Kari O'Brien, 33, was allegedly the passenger in the car that struck and killed constable Masters north of Brisbane.

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