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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Brisbane Lions football club located?

For the A-League team formerly operated by the Queensland Lions SC, see Brisbane Roar FC. For the similarly-named Australian Football League team, see Brisbane Lions. Queensland Lions Football Club, known as Lions FC, is a football (soccer) club based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

When did the Brisbane Lions change their name?

Former Manchester United and Northern Ireland legend George Best made four appearances for the team during the 1983/84 season. From 1989 the Brisbane Lions played in the Brisbane Premier League. After coming to an agreement with the newly formed Brisbane Lions AFL club, they changed their name to the current Queensland Lions .

How many Lions teams are there in Queensland?

Lions is also involved in administering a thriving Masters league (Over 35s and 45s), comprising 68 teams from all over Brisbane. From humble beginnings, our licensed club, Lions Richlands, is now seen as a premier hospitality venue in south-east Queensland.

What's the chances of the Brisbane Lions winning?

Who will win? When the odds are +475 the expected chance of winning is 17 %, but this team actually wins 1 % matches with these odds. When the odds are -714 the expected chance of winning is 88 %, but this team actually wins 86 % matches with these odds.

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