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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Brisbane Lions in the AFL?

The Brisbane Lions can confirm Marcus Adams has developed a stress reaction his right… An instrumental figure in Brisbane Lions AFLW, now Breeanna Brock will be a voice in… The AFL has today confirmed our Round 19 and 20 Fixture against the Hawks and the…

What's the chances of the Brisbane Lions winning?

Who will win? When the odds are +475 the expected chance of winning is 17 %, but this team actually wins 1 % matches with these odds. When the odds are -714 the expected chance of winning is 88 %, but this team actually wins 86 % matches with these odds.

Who are the free agents for Brisbane Lions?

The Lions have today signed delisted free agent Phoebe Monahan from the Richmond… Dynamic midfield sister-duo, Cathy and Ruby Svarc, both put pen to paper… A massive day of re-signings for the premiership side. Saying it’s been a big few days for Lions stalwart Sharni Webb would be an…

Who is the vice captain of the Brisbane Lions?

Brisbane Lions AFLW Vice-Captain Bre Koenen names UQ's QAFLW Premiership team a mix… Six AFLW players will line up for Bond University and UQ this weekend to fight it out… Emily Bates has spoken about her latest brush with skin cancer, sharing the message… The Lions have finalised their playing list ahead of the 2022 AFL Women’s Draft.

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