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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the weather radar located in Brisbane?

View legend » Geographical Situation: The radar is located on an isolated hill about 150m above mean sea level, just east of Beenleigh. This site provides good low-level coverage, ideal for Doppler observations, of the Greater Brisbane area.

How do you find the location of the radar?

Distance and latitude/longitude coordinates are displayed when you mouse over the map. The origin for distance measuring is indicated by a red dot and defaults to either your location, if specified and in range, or the location of the radar/the centre of the map.

How does weather radar work and what does it show?

Weather radar map shows the location of precipitation, its type (rain, snow, and ice) and its recent movement to help you plan your day. Simulated radar displayed over oceans, Central and South American countries is generated from satellite data, which is provided up to the current time and may not be updated as frequently as other regions.

Is the Bureau of Meteorology radar images available?

Disclaimer: While every effort will be made to ensure that Bureau of Meteorology radar imagery is available on these web pages, there may be occasions when equipment or communications failure make this impossible.

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