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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the river in Brisbane Australia?

Brisbane River. Brisbane River, river in southeastern Queensland, Australia. It rises in the Brisbane-Cooyar ranges and flows some 215 miles (345 km) southeasterly and northeasterly through a farming and dairying region, then through the city of Brisbane to Moreton Bay. Its chief tributaries are the Stanley and Bremer rivers...

What is the longest river in South East Queensland?

Brisbane River. The Brisbane River is the longest river in South East Queensland and begins in the Brisbane Ranges, then makes it way south of the Somerset Dam where it meets up with the Stanley River. It then runs into Lake Wivenhoe and joins up with the Bremer River near Ipswich before it meanders through many of Brisbane’s suburbs...

How many bridges cross the Brisbane River?

Bridges over the Brisbane River From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Brisbane River, running through Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is crossed by fifteen major bridges, from the Sir Leo Hielscher Bridges downstream to the Centenary upstream. The river meanders through an urban area that comprises 2.562.000 people.

What is the meaning of the word Brisbane?

Brisbane. Brisbane, port, capital of Queensland, Australia, and the country’s third largest city. It lies astride the Brisbane River on the southern slopes of the Taylor Range, 12 miles (19 km) above the river’s mouth at Moreton Bay. The site, first explored in 1823 by John Oxley,….

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