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Frequently Asked Questions

What does brisbrisbane road mean?

Brisbane Road, currently referred to as The Breyer Group Stadium for sponsorship purposes, and originally known as Osborne Road, is a football stadium in Brisbane Road, Leyton, East London, England.

What happened to the original Brisbane Road?

The ground, which many fans still refer to as its original name of Brisbane Road has seen a lot of re-development in recent years, with the construction of three new stands. Finance for this has chiefly come from the proceeds of selling part of the Brisbane Road site to a property developer.

What are the oldest stands at Brisbane Road?

The East Stand, previously used as the main stand, is the oldest current stand at Brisbane Road. The club bought it from Mitcham Stadium in 1955 to replace the small existing stand, which could hold 500 people. The East Stand initially provided covered seating for 2,600 spectators, and was expanded to 3,500 in 1962.

Is there a Sydney to Brisbane Road Trip?

This Sydney to Brisbane road trip itinerary will touch on the travel logistics and the best stops between these two Australian cities. One of the best ways to experience Australia is by doing a road trip. And one of the most popular Australian road trips is from Sydney to Brisbane on the east coast.

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