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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a baby sleep clinic in Brisbane?

The Brisbane Baby Sleep Clinic can assist babies and preschool children experiencing a variety of sleep issues including trouble settling, frequent waking and transitioning issues.

Where are the sleep schools located in Australia?

They run both residential, day, and outreach sleep school programs, and are located in New South Wales. In 2018, Karitane launched 3 new services such as Virtual Home Visiting and two parenting centres at Oran Park and Carramar.

Who is the founder of sleep rescue Australia?

Location: Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth. Sleep Rescue is Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth-based consultancy service that focuses on your baby’s sleep problems and sleep routines. Sleep Rescue was established by Gabrielle Russell in 2000.

Who is the best doctor for baby sleep?

Dr Beth Shirley is a fully qualified GP with a special interest in baby and child sleep. All initial appointments are one hour long. No referral is needed to make an appointment. Simply call our friendly reception staff on

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