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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the local news in Brisbane Australia?

Get comprehensive local news coverage today including QLD accidents, Brisbane weather , politics, crime, sports news and Brisbane airport updates. Millions around Australia have been thrust into lockdown as states and territories battle a nationwide COVID-19 outbreak.

How much rain is expected in Brisbane Queensland?

Here are six of the best buys available across the city. Parts of Queensland will see heavy rainfall over the coming days, with some areas forecast to cop totals of up to 80 millimetres.

Why was the eternal flame extinguished in Brisbane?

RSL Queensland have told 9News they're furious after two local boxers filmed themselves breaching the state's current lockdown and extinguishing Brisbane's eternal flame.

Who was attacked with electric chainsaw in Brisbane?

A man has been attacked with an electric chainsaw and another bitten several times following an argument stemming from a loud party in Queensland. Kari O'Brien, 33, was allegedly the passenger in the car that struck and killed constable Masters north of Brisbane.

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