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Where are the new covid-19 exposure sites in Queensland?

Queensland Health has confirmed new COVID-19 exposure sites in Brisbane and the regional town of Goondiwindi after a NSW truck driver who passed through the state tested positive for coronavirus. Ten teens have been charged with attempted murder after a 17-year-old boy was allegedly set upon at a party in Brisbane's inner city.

Who was involved in the violent brawl on Queensland Street?

The premier delivered some positive news after vaccinations opened up to children aged over 12. Men armed with knives, swords, bats and poles were allegedly involved in a violent brawl on a residential Queensland street.

How many jabs does the Brisbane Entertainment Centre deliver per day?

The Brisbane Entertainment Centre has been transformed into a mass vaccination hub delivering 3000 jabs per day. Hunt refutes criticism of Morrison's Father's Day trip to Sydney; NSW records 1220 cases, eight die with virus; Victorian Premier slams 'totally unfair' vaccine allocations

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