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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the tonnage capacity of a broaching machine?

Tonnage capacities to 75 tons, and stroke capacities to 120″. Long or short runs. BMS stocks over 350 used broaching machines and broach sharpeners. All used machines are available as remanufactured turnkey systems.

Why choose BMS broach tooling?

BMS can consult on or design broach tooling for any broaching application, using the latest 3-D autocad software. BMS provides quotes and estimates for new and used broaching machines, design services, maintenance, and more.

What are the advantages of table up vertical internal broaching machine?

Table Up Vertical Internal Broaching Machine. Floor Level Loading: Low load height eliminates the need for a pit operator stand. Multiple Station: Optional multi-station machine meets high production requirements. Floor Plan Flexibility: The “Cell-Mate” is easily moved from one “cell” to another.

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