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Frequently Asked Questions

What is broaching in machining?

Broaching • Broaching is one of the metal machining operations done by a multipoint cutting tool called broaching tool or broach.

What is the difference between linear broaching and rotary broaching?

In linear broaching, which is the more common process, the broach is run linearly against a surface of the workpiece to effect the cut. Linear broaches are used in a broaching machine, which is also sometimes shortened to broach. In rotary broaching, the broach is rotated and pressed into the workpiece to cut an axisymmetric shape.

How does a broach work?

If the work piece rotates, the broach is pressed against it, is driven by it, and rotates synchronously with it. If the tool holder rotates, the broach is pressed against the workpiece, but is driven by the tool holder. Ideally the tool advances at the same rate that it cuts.

What is progressive cut broaching?

In progressive cut broaching, metal is removed in thick layers by each tooth from only part of the work surface. The last tooth of a progressive cut broach remove a very thin layer over the entire profile of the work surface as in ordinary cut broaching.

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