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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Broken Hill skull in London?

The skull was dubbed "Rhodesian Man" at the time of the find, but is now commonly referred to as the Broken Hill skull or the Kabwe cranium. The skull is kept in the Natural History Museum, London.

What kind of fossil is the Broken Hill skull?

Kabwe 1 (also called the Broken Hill skull, Rhodesian Man) is a Middle Paleolithic fossil assigned by Arthur Smith Woodward in 1921 as the type specimen for Homo rhodesiensis, now mostly considered a synonym of Homo heidelbergensis.

Why did Broken Hill Man have broken teeth?

Studies continue to this day as to why Broken Hill Man had broken teeth. The skull was later examined and labelled, ‘Homo rhodesiensis’ before being taken to the United Kingdom. A doctor from the Broken Hill Hospital, F Wallace, studied the skull.

When is the skin around a calcaneus fracture broken?

When the skin around the calcaneus fracture is broken, this may represent an open fracture, also called a compound fracture. An open fracture of the calcaneus is an emergency that requires urgent surgery. 3 

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