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Frequently Asked Questions

What does urban Brookings Tax Policy Center do?

The Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center (TPC) aims to provide independent analyses of current and longer-term tax issues and to communicate its analyses to the public and to policymakers in a timely and accessible manner.

Who is the Urban Institute Tax Policy Center?

The Tax Policy Center is a joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution. It is made up of nationally recognized experts in tax, budget, and social policy who have served at the highest levels of government. TPC provides timely, accessible analysis and facts about tax policy to policymakers, journalists, citizens, and researchers.

Is the Urban Institute part of the Brookings Institution?

The Center combines top national experts in tax, expenditure, budget policy, and microsimulation modeling to concentrate on four overarching areas of tax policy that are critical to future debate. TPC is a joint venture of the Urban Institute and Brookings Institution.

What is the Tax Policy Center briefing book?

The Briefing Book is intended as a resource for the public, the press, and even presidential campaigns-in short, for anyone who wants to be well informed about current tax and budget matters. TaxVox: The Tax Policy Center's tax and budget policy blog.

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