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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population of Brownwood Texas 2021?

August 16, 2021 Last week the U.S. Census Bureau released the data from the 2020 census. The population of Brownwood is 18,862, down 2.20% from the 2010 count of 19,288. The population of Brown County remained constant at 38,095, down

What happened at 420 North Main Street in Brownwood?

The Brownwood Fire Department, Brownwood Police Department and Lifeguard EMS responded to a call of a vehicle vs. building accident, which occurred at the Thai Chop Kitchen location, at 420 North Main Street, shortly before noon Monday. The 87th Texas Legislature passed a number of new laws that take effect on September 1.

Was there a drowning in Lake Brownwood?

According to the Brown County Water Improvement District, there was a drowning in Lake Brownwood late Friday night or early Saturday morning in the Tamarack Mountain area. The victim is a male, approximately 40 years old.

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