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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Buicks good cars?

It is true to say that Buick makes very good cars. Buick has a very limited model line-up and has trimmed out their sedan models in favor of sport utility crossovers. The Buick brand has been very well received in the Chinese market, where the brand is very highly regarded.

Is Buick a luxury car brand?

For much of its existence in the North American market, Buick has been marketed as a premium automobile brand, selling luxury vehicles positioned above GM's mainstream brands, while below the flagship luxury Cadillac division.

Is the Buick a good car?

But that's not to say modern Buicks are bad cars. On the contrary, they are very good. Buick is very popular in China and has experienced a resurgence in the style, quality, and sophistication of its vehicles. Those who quickly dismiss it as an old people's brand are missing out. This article looks at just how good and reliable Buicks are.

Is a Buick a luxury car?

Buick Cars. Buick is an American brand of luxury automobiles and also one of the world’s oldest. Buick can trace its history back to dawn of the 20th century when it was founded as the Buick Motor Company by Scottish Industrialist David Dunbar Buick, in 1903.

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