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Frequently Asked Questions

What year did Buick Riviera come out?

The Buick Riviera was manufactured for 36 years, from 1963 to 1999.

What years were Buick Riviera made?

The Riviera by Buick is an automobile produced by Buick in the United States from the 1963 to 1999 model years, with 1,127,261 produced. A full-size hardtop, a specially trimmed and stretched sedan, or a personal luxury car, the early models of the Riviera in particular have been highly praised by automotive journalists and writers.

Who made the Riviera car?

The car that would become the Buick Riviera was the brainchild of legendary GM styling director Bill Mitchell and originally took the form of the Cadillac XP-715 concept vehicle in 1960. Cadillac took a pass on it and eventually Buick made a case that it fit within its near-luxury portfolio.

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