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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a-series bumper Crane?

A-Series Bumper Crane, your pickup is transformed into a real work truck without losing any valuable bed space or existing function of your vehicle. When the crane is in the stored position everyone will be amazed that you have anything more than a great looking heavy duty rear bumper.

How long does it take for a bumper crane to work?

Within seconds your Bumper Crane is ready to swing into action to lift those cumbersome loads. The S-Series Bumper Crane is the answer to your handling, loading and unloading chores without sacrificing valuable bed space. Your Service Body, Flatbed, Cube or Sprinter Van will have the tool you need for your demanding work load.

Why choose kastalon Crane bumpers?

Meeting all specifications of OSHA, CMAA, ANSI, and AIST, Kastalon Crane Bumpers have a highly engineered structure with no moving parts, require no maintenance and are much lower in cost than the alternatives. Unaffected by oil, grease, aging, temperature extremes, and dirt, they stand up to extreme environmental conditions.

What size bumper do I need for my Crane?

Sizes range from 2 inch diameter to 24 inch diameter in both U.S. and European configurations, fitting virtually every bumper requirement. Regardless of the size or application of the crane, Kastalon has the appropriate bumper available.

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